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Shane Griffiths

Shane Griffiths

Design, Development

Seattle, WA


Shane Griffiths is a self-taught Marketing Consultant. He started his first consulting business in 2011 to help small businesses get found online. He then lead a small advertising agency in the transition from traditional to digital services, doubling their clients in 9 months. After moving to Seattle, he took up a role in automotive SEO working with car dealerships all over the country. His latest venture, Clarity Online, uses SEO and WordPress to help struggling businesses rise to the top.

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Marketing First

Clarity Online is a marketing company. We approach your project with a “marketing first” mentality, which means we won’t provide a service without planning for how that service impacts your marketing strategy. Our website design, development, SEO, paid search, social, referral, email, and other services are all integrated with your marketing strategy.


We believe that you should know every step of the process and what to expect from us. All of our communications with you will be transparent so we can provide the best service possible.


We plan, plan, plan, so our execution is quick. We want to beat your expectations so that you take your next steps confidently. There’s nothing worse than hoping all of the stars align by your deadline.