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Google AdWords vs AdWords Express

AdWords Express is the best option for ad budgets under $500/month. Google AdWords campaigns are time consuming and complex, yet are the most effective.

Benefits of Google AdWords

  • convert more customers — match your ads exactly to what people are searching for
  • get more for your money —  continually optimize your bids, keywords, locations, and several other factors to get more clicks for your budget
  • reach people with previous interest — remarket to those who visited your website but didn’t buy the first time

According to Google Economic Impact, “businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. (2016)” 

AdWords Management Fees

  • AdWords — we charge a setup fee to research keywords and create ads, and management fee which is a percentage of your monthly ad budget
  • AdWords Express — for most campaigns we charge a setup fee and a fixed monthly maintenance fee