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How To Reply To Reviews

By Trenton Erker   Published August 13, 2019Reviews provide trust. Usually, to get a sale, people have to go through the process of knowing you, liking you, and trusting you. How can they know and like you when they’re making a split-decision on who to contact or...

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How To Use Google My Business For Your Small Business

By Trenton Erker   Published August 6, 2019If your business is targeting local customers, and you have not yet set up your Google My Business (GMB) profile, then you will want to setup a Google My Business profile before going further with this article.  Most...

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[Event] AMA Puget Sound – Demystifying SEO

  Why You Should Go. What you've been doing isn't working anymore, you have no time, and you want to generate leads and sales even when you don't work. About AMA Puget Sound The American Marketing Association Puget Sound  (AMAPS) is the premier professional...

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How to save an image from instagram

By Trenton Erker Published June 10th, 2018 Overview Instagram has made it difficult to save an image from their app and website. The easiest thing to do is just take a screen shot of the image with your phone and...

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How to like fb page with your fb page

By Trenton Erker   Published April 4th 2018 How to Like a Facebook Business Page with Your Facebook Business Page Steps: Use a desktop Go to the Facebook business page that you want to "Like" Look underneath their header image Click the 3 dots Click "Like As Your...

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How To Delete Instagram

The #deletefacebook craze is taking over. Mix it with celebrities like Meghan Markle deleting all of their social media accounts, and the Snapchat update debacle, and it’s bound to affect other social media platforms. Most likely Instagram is next. Here’s how to both delete and deactivate Instagram:

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