What are some local SEO tips for a manicurist?

by | Saturday, April 25, 2020

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Spend the money on a website that is built by SEOs. It is more expensive. However, if you build a website in such a competitive niche, and SEO is not accounted for in the building of the site, you’ll will have essentially wasted all of your investment in the website.

The Only Way To Compete

You won’t rank against sites that have been around longer, or who are using an SEO service.

SEO starts at the website, so you need to make it your biggest investment in the SEO strategy. This also means that future SEO efforts can be focused on new opportunities rather than fixing your website.

Most of the time, optimizing an already built site requires months of fixing the site. Don’t do that. Build one right the first time, and go after new opportunities like PR, backlinks, and content that supplements your main services pages.

What Building An Optimized Site Looks Like

When we build websites, we build them so they’re

  • fast
  • structured properly
  • have analytics set up
  • conversion tracking set up
  • include Local SEO
    • GMB profile(s) creation/optimization
    • Business listings
    • KW research
    • Optimized content
  • Backlink audit
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