WordPress Maintenance Plans

$129/monthKeep Your Website Running at Peak Performance

  • Update WordPress Theme & Plugins

  • Includes Your Updates & Changes

  • Includes Website Hosting

WordPress Maintenance Plans & Pricing

Websites that are maintained are much more successful than those that are neglected.

We take care of updates, maintenance, and hosting as part of this plan. You also get 30 mins of changes per month! This is perfect for posting blog articles, swapping out photos, or updating text on your website. 

Clarity Online’s WordPress Maintenance program is for the busy business owner or marketing department. We worry about your website so you can focus on your strategy.


What’s Included in WordPress Maintenance

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Plugin & Theme Updates

Biweekly updates to your website theme and plugins. We always make backups prior to updating. This keeps your site running smoothly and securely. 

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30 Mins of Website Changes

If you usually make changes just a few times a month, this is perfect for you. We’ll make them for you. We can provide an estimate for any major changes.

Search Engine Optimization Company Tacoma

Includes Website Hosting

The foundation of our maintenance plan is Premium WordPress Hosting. This makes your site fast, reliable, and secure. Includes Backups, CDN, SSL, & more.

Common Questions About WordPress Maintenance

What does WordPress Maintenance mean?

WordPress websites are built using dozens of third-party plugins. The developers of these plugins release updates every week. Our maintenance program will take over updating and installing updates for you.

Do you need to update WordPress plugins and themes?

If you don’t update plugins and themes, your website will eventually stop working. Often times updates are released to fix critical security vulnerabilities. Without fixing these, your website could be hacked and compromised. We see this happen on a monthly basis to old sites that haven’t been maintained.

Can I make these updates myself?

Physically clicking the update button is the easy part That is certainly something that anyone can do, however maintenance isn’t that simple. Often times an update will be incompatible with another plugin, theme, or hosting environment. When this happens something will stop working, or in some cases the website will crash completely. Before we make updates, we read the developer changelogs to see what code was updated. This makes sure that the updates will work properly. If we find that an update is compatible, we will notify you and present options to fix or replace that plugin.

Is it safe to update WordPress themes and plugins?

Updating in general is a good thing, but often times updates will cause something to break. That’s why we make a backup of your website before making any updates. If something breaks, we can restore the site within seconds. The longer a site goes without maintenance, the more difficult and time-intensive it is to make updates. There’s a greater chance of something being incompatible and breaking.

How often should WordPress websites be updated?

Things change very fast on the internet. We like to think of a month in real life as a year in internet time. If a website goes 6 months or longer without updates, it’s much more difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot conflicts. We perform website maintenance on WordPress sites every 2 weeks. By checking up often, we always have a pulse for what’s going on and can react quickly with a fix if something breaks.

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