Should you use high cpc keywords for SEO?

by | Sunday, May 3, 2020

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Understanding SEO & Keyword Research

When people ask if they should use high cpc keywords or any other type of keyword metric it is because there is a misunderstanding of what CPC means, and what SEO is.

No single keyword metric is good enough to determine if you should focus on that keyword or another. There is nearly always more context to the marketing situation.

What Is The CPC Metric?

CPC is cost per click. CPC refers to the average cost to get a click on your advertisement. That information is not directly related to SEO, as it is PPC information.

However, CPC can be helpful to understand the value and competitiveness of KWs, especially when used in conjunction with keyword difficulty (KD) scores.

So, should you use high CPC KWs in your SEO efforts?

Yes, and also no.

CPC should not be a single metric used to choose which keywords to go after or determine your marketing strategy.

How To Choose Keywords

SEO research outline

That link is a simple outline to follow when deciding which keywords to choose for your marketing and SEO campaigns/efforts. The keyword research process outlined is exactly what the best SEOs use to find keywords and do good SEO work for themselves, their company, or their clients.