In terms of SEO, what makes a good link?

by | Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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What Makes A Good SEO Backlink?

People always say PA & DA, UR & DR.


Those are very fallible and manipulatable metrics. I’ve seen websites with a DA of 30, and a DR of 50 with only 2–4 links. Relying on these metrics is for the amateurs.

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1) Is the link relevant to the page or website?

A link from a website in the same niche or similar niches is best.

2) Is the anchor text helpful?

Is the anchor text of the link a search term that you want to rank for, or at least similar to the topic?

3) Does the link send you traffic?

Good link metrics are good, but how much better would it be if the link helped you rank better AND sent traffic to your website?

That’s way better.

That’s killing two birds with one stone.

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