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by | Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Getting Links Is The Hardest Part Of SEO.

Unfortunately, they’re essential, especially in competitive industries and niches.

Getting backlinks that you pay for is much easier, but they tend to be lower quality (not always), can look spammy, and with Google’s recent crackdown on sponsored content, paid links are dangerous.

What if you’re on a low budget? Paid links may be out of the question. For you to help your business, with the lowest financial investment, you’ll need to be willing to put in the time and effort.

Below are some ways to get high quality backlinks for free to improve your SEO and rank better.


Guest Posts

I’ll use an Orthodontic client of ours and what I did to illustrate the methods below.

Guest Post For Sites With An Overlapping Audience

      1. I came up with some frequently asked questions pertinent to the Orthodontic practice.
      2. I wrote 3 articles based on those FAQs.
      3. I found a list of publishers who accept Guest Posts. I filtered the list down into Health Niches. I then had 421 emails.
      4. I built very nice looking email signature using the client’s information.
      5. I had him create a company email address for me to use –”>
      6. I emailed all of them using a Google Sheet Add-On. I spent $29 on it. If you want to do it for free, you can email them manually. You may want to filter more.
      7. The email I sent said something like (I don’t remember exactly what I said for this client)

    “Hey {name} I was on your site and realized that we may have the same audience. I have some articles I’ve written that may appeal to them. The topics are Topic 1, Topic 2, & Topic 3. If you’re interested, I can send you them to see if they’re a good fit.”

    1. 6 people responded to me. I followed up, met their requirements they asked for, and sent them the articles.
    2. 3 replied back that they had published the articles.

Guest Post For Authority Websites In Your Industry

  1. I followed the same steps as above.
  2. I got a response from 2 Orthodontic publications. They said they would consider something that is more directed at Orthodontists, and not clients.
  3. I wrote an article about how 3D Printing is changing Orthodontics and growing ortho practices.
  4. I sent responded to them with the article.
  5. They bit.
  6. They published.

Beta Test Software

We’ve gotten several links from Marketing and SEO software websites because we beta tested for them.

Host Meetups For WordPress Themes (or something specific to your industry)

We got a link from a very popular WordPress theme builder for being the only Seattle Meetup for one of their most popular themes.

Exchange Work For A Backlink

We helped out a very popular news and blog site in the Seattle area. In exchange the


Help A Reporter Out. We got a link from The Associated Press, Yahoo News, and hundreds of others, for contributing regularly – only about 6 months of work, 1 hour/day maybe. Here’s an article we were featured in about tips for working from home.

If you’re a local business, join HARO.

Various Publisher Email Chains

We are on several publisher email chains that we contribute to once in a while. If you’re a local business get on trade publication email chains, follow influencers and authors on Twitter, follow relevant hashtags, reach out when you think you can contribute.

Advanced Ways

Find broken links on websites. Reach out to the company or web developer and see if they think your website is a good replacement for the broken link on their site.

Actually I’m not going to write all of that. Just check out Brian Dean/Backlinko’s backlink articles. Here is a new one What are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2020.